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The forms below are being provided as a courtesy for use in the Kankakee County Recorder’s Office.

Print out the form, complete it and return it with the appropriate recording fee payable to the Kankakee County Recorder.

Recording a Deed

If you are recording a deed, the following information must be included:

By whom the deed was prepared – to whom and where the future tax bills are sent – statement of exemption or transfer declaration – Notary signature, stamp and date.

A complete legal description, which should include:

  • A specific lot, block and subdivision name
  • A specific quarter section, section, twp and range
  • Permanent index number of legal description
  • Complete property address

A document must measure 8.5″ x 11″ and have a blank 3″ x 5″ recording space in the upper right corner to be classified as standard. Please see the FEES page to check on the increased fee for recording non-standard documents.

Legal Advice, opinions, or legal descriptions will NOT be given by the Recorder’s Staff either in person nor by telephone.