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FOIA Officer   Joanne Langlois
Number Of Employees  4
General Fund  $130,000.00
Computer Fund  $138,500.00
A copy of the itemized budgets can be obtained upon request.


(55 ILCS 5/3‑5010) (from Ch. 34, par. 3‑5010)

Sec. 3‑5010. Duties of recorder. Every recorder shall, as soon as practicable after the receipt of any instrument in writing in his office, entitled to be recorded, record the same at length in the order of time of its reception, in well bound books to be provided for that purpose. In counties of 500,000 or more inhabitants, the recorder may microphotograph or otherwise reproduce on film any of such instruments in the manner provided by law. In counties of less than 500,000 inhabitants, the recorder may cause to be microphotographed or otherwise reproduced on film any of such instruments only if authorized to do so by the county board. When any such instrument is reproduced on film, the film shall comply with the minimum standards of quality approved for permanent photographic records of the State Records Commission and the device used to reproduce the records on the film shall be one which accurately reproduces the contents of the original.
(Source: P.A. 86‑962.)